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Mediamilieu, a creative collective specialize in designing and building almost any size mechanical~kinetic objects de art/ puppets/mobile, Community Art, Space, Events, Outdoor Spectacles~shows, Kinetic, Graphics, Exhibition, Video~web art, Interaction, Costume, Promotional Advertising with engaging digital brands (POP, POS, B2B, B2C, FMCG etc), model mocks, styling and product development, micro to macro in scale.

Consistency is the earmark of effective communications. This is why our work with clients often grows beyond the interactive realm to areas of their communications system. We often team up with our clients on everything from logos to packaging designs to editorial pieces, ensuring that they’re always sending the right message—in the right way and to the right people.

Some of our other communications capabilities include advertising campaigns, annual reports, books and catalogs, marketing and promotional collateral, packaging, posters, article composition for print, and stationery systems.

Strong communications are built from the ground up, but at the same time we do not believe it is a linear process as well. At Mediamilieu, our objective is to understand what you want to 'say' and to find the most creative and engaging ways to 'say' it. To do that, most projects start with idea development with stories, cultural strategy, naming and design — ensuring a solid foundation for the interactive communications that follow. Our recent capabilities include story development, strategy, naming, identity systems, slogan and tagline generation, copywriting and copyediting for all media including social media, and style guides.

Creative Sustenance purpose is define by its very title; meaning to have or maintain sustaining health or life; nourishment, and livelihood; including the process of sustaining or the quality of being sustained. 

What we want to see is to have non polluting design and art available in all areas we work in. Huge ask! but we are getting there.

Areas of work based on sectors:
Arts, Social, Charity, Promotion, Medical, Consumer Education, Financial, Scinece, Legal, Not for profit, Property, Technology...
Green + Creative Sustenance

Resumed in December 2004 choppy waters of creative industry we by choice stay fresh, exciting and ambitious who are focused on producing exceptional creative outcomes for our clients. With a creative team with a spark who have experience working with quality clientele we aim to build long term relationships through our committed quality deliverance.

Mediamilieu collective generally lives online. Most of our activities are towards Off and On the grid social groups or individuals, with Sustainability and Social sensibility in mind. But we do need work from other selective sectors to sustain to deliver for social causes.


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Successful design seems effortless. But don’t be fooled. When any design works well, it strikes a perfect balance of aesthetic, information structure and function. And it’s created to integrate smoothly with the other aspects of the project, including development, writing, and all elements of an organization’s communications system. In other words, successful design is never an accident.
Our new design capabilities include information structure and user interface design for websites, interactive kiosks, eNewsletters, online marketing materials, social networking applications, and other new media solutions.
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